Joe Kaeser without ‘ä’ may think his bold commitment is moral, and the applause of those who believe the media is undoubtedly assured, however, whether he is doing his company and especially this country a favour, I think is more than doubtful. ... Kaeser said the AfD’s elevation to the Bundestag was a defeat for German “elites” that had to do more to convince the party’s voters. 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Does he seriously want to insinuate that the AfD and its voters are striving for a fascist dictatorship? You can read equity & freedom for free, but making it costs real money. In any case, to sum up, it may be said that Mr Joe has no problem with courting bloodstained dictators like as-Sisi or the clerical-fascist regimes in Riyadh or Tehran, but immediately loses his composure if someone here in Germany dares to address the dark side of mass immigration into the social systems, and places himself not just in argumentative terms beyond the pale. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser says the AfD's nationalist politics hurt Germany's global reputation. Instead of thinking about why more and more people turn to the AfD, he uses the Nazi cudgel in a perfidious manner and doesn’t even shy away from exploiting the victims of the Nazi regime for his campaign. We ultimately informed CMS of our deepfake comments and withdrew them from the public record. Other politicians like Mohammed el-Baradei went abroad. The U.S. was still very much in the lockdown phase and getting a deal done, especially a multi-million dollar investment in a new technology aiming to make commercial nuclear fusion a reality after decades of hype, was “an interesting thing” in the words of Commonwealth’s chief … Commonwealth Fusion Systems closed on its latest $84 million in new funding two weeks ago. But since factual considerations have for years now no longer played a role in the ubiquitous ‘fight against the right,’ from one day to the next Mr. Joe became the favorite of the mainstream media, a fact which not only flattered his ego, but apparently also generated the irresistible urge in him to intensify his commitment against the revenants of evil called AfD. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and a very warm welcome to our press con-ference for the first quarter of fiscal 2016. the market leader in industrial digitalization,” said Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG. Now the news summary service Twitter is more suitable for pithy statements than for differentiated thoughts with serious content, but you should expect a little more substance from the CEO of a large corporation. Incidentally, it was also such small minds that showed so little understanding when the corporation, with a net profit of six billion, announced in 2017 that it would cut a modest 6,900 jobs in order to secure its future. But text passages are obviously harder to interpret than numbers, which is why Mr. Joe felt obliged to tweet the following words in response: "Rather a ‘headscarf girl’ than ‘Bund Deutscher Mädel’ (Hitler’s League of German Girls). Martin Schulz, the leader of Germany's centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), on Friday blasted Siemens AG's plans to cut 6,900 jobs as … When combining a senior job with study — when should I apply for my next role? Siemens and the Federal Government of Nigeria signed an implementation agreement for the Nigeria Electrification Roadmap. Joe Kaeser . Does this not apply above a certain hierarchy level? Stay out of trouble. Joe Kaeser points up Germany history as he challenges ‘intolerably offensive’ comments “The Supervisory Board supports the company’s further strategic development and is convinced that Vision 2020+ is an outstanding plan for accelerating the transformation and strengthening Siemens for the next decade from a position of Doch warum? Siemens AG’s Joe Kaeser and . So please support us! Joe Kaeser, CEO of German engineering giant Siemens, attacked EU technocrats who he said were holding up a merger of its rail activities with France's Alstom ... (AfD). The fact that a few crumbs will find their way into his own portfolio – according to ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ newspaper, in 2016 it was a paltry seven million euros – should be taken for granted and is something that only small-minded, envious people would begrudge him. Kaeser, who has led the … EMBARGOED UNTIL 7:30 CET . In his letter, Kaeser shot back that Siemens also pays 20 billion euros in taxes and social security contributions, according to Handelsblatt. If Kaeser were capable of critical self-reflection, he should have noticed how absurd and historically distant it is to associate a former investment banker, living in a lesbian relationship, with the family image that the Nazi regime and its sub-organisations promoted. journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more. Joe Kaeser, chief executive of Siemens, said he had received death threats after denouncing a speech by Alice Weidel, parliamentary head of Germany’s far rightwing party, Alternative for Germany. President and CEO of Siemens AG . Longing for cosmopolitanism, Marlboro panoramas and global significance, your name is Joe. The result saw a hollowing out of support for the two main parties and a surge for the anti-Islam AfD in a clear rebuke to Merkel’s open-doors refugee policy. The example above is deepfake text generated by the bot that all survey respondents thought was from a human. Joe Kaeser GCME (born Josef Käser; June 23, 1957) is the current CEO of Siemens AG, Berlin & Munich, a role he has been in since August 1, 2013. Sometimes a little too much, malicious tongues such as former Siemens managers Kutschenreuter and Siekaczek claim. In those days, too many had remained silent in the early days. 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Otherwise, hardly any German product could have been exported, especially in the post-war decades. The young people had been forced into the Federation of German Girls or the Hitler Youth, ‘because someone had remained silent too often.’ Kaeser said literally: ‘Maybe we need to nip things in the bud again.’”. And a Christian first name like ‘Josef’ would certainly be a terrible imposition for his highly sensitive business partners in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Egypt... ‘Joe’ is quite different. But how did it come about that the CEO, who had been harshly criticized for the planned job cuts and various contacts with Russia, suddenly became the hero of the political and media establishment? Mrs Weidel's nationalism is damaging the image of our country in the world. The postscript proves to be no less absurd, since German goods are bought because of their quality and price-performance ratio and not because of a hypothetical “image” of Germany in the world. Thank you all for finding your way to the Or which other “things” would Kaeser like “to nip in the bud”? Want justice!? Democratic organisations and parties were considered ‘terrorist groups’ and broken up. Thus he traveled with Angela Merkel to the highly esteemed business partners, the (of course) completely democratic sheikhs in Riyadh, who, if at all, have a few domestic troublemakers beheaded only on Fridays, and there signed contracts worth billions, which undoubtedly caused a moralist like him sleepless nights. “Regarding the AfD election results, the head of a car company, for example, pointed out that ‘perhaps 19 percent will no longer buy my cars.’” This quite realistic view would also be advisable for Mr. Joe, but it seems that the busy corporate leader has already left the level of rationality. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Da ist „Joe Kaeser“ bestimmt sofort mit dabei, wenn Greta ruft. The answer lies in a Twitter statement made by Mr Joe in response to an alleged xenophobic statement by AfD co-group leader in the Bundestag, Alice Weidel. Die AfD lässt sich nicht bitten und hetzt gegen Kaeser. Commenting unfairly on the humanitarian achievements of his Egyptian contract partner, Wikipedia says: “Since August 2013, hundreds of demonstrators have been shot, for example during the massacres in Cairo and Giza in 2013, over 500 government opponents have mostly been sentenced to death in summary trials and thousands of supporters of both the Muslim Brotherhood and democratic activists and politicians such as Ahmed Maher have been imprisoned. ffiTo-N ¡ EMVPTI¡fzentum EMI/EMGTêstcênter Straubing, March 18, 2008 TEST. The Ripoff Report allows you a central place to enter complaints about companies or individuals who are fraudulent, scamming or ripping people off. Our reports cover every category imaginable! Der Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser schaltet sich in die Debatte ein. Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on 19th July 2018. “He drew a direct comparison with Hitler's time. ... Fraktionsvorsit zender für die AfD im Abgeordnetenhau s. Alternative für Deutschland Landesverband Berlin -... 29K likes this. But doesn't ‘Josef’ sound like eternal, provincial confinement, dusty pews and sandwiches in aluminum containers? According to ‘Der Tagesspiegel,’ the brave corporation leader was simply heeding his mother's advice: “Don't spend more money than you earn, otherwise you’ll end up impoverished.” (!) Gain a global perspective on the US and go beyond with curated news and analysis from 600 As did too the exclusive meeting with Egypt's coup plotter General Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi, which ultimately resulted in contracts for the company worth eight billion euros. Dieser Mann gibt den einst so erfolgreichen Konzern Siemens weltweit der Lächerlichkeit preis. Im Deutschen Bundestag hat Wolfgang Schäuble die AfD-Fraktionsvorsitzende Alice Weidel zur Ordnung gerufen, nachdem sie auf unerträgliche Art ausfällig geworden war. The AfD, polling at around 13 percent, has seized on Trump’s victory, saying his message resonates in Germany. First, an admission: In reality, the name of our hero, the CEO of Siemens AG, is not ‘Joe’ at all, but ‘Josef,’ and also not ‘Kaeser’ with ‘ae,’ but ‘Käser,’ similar to the German word for cheese. Nein! ), I wonder what the crimes of the Nazi dictatorship have to do with the AfD and the current debate on immigration. The goal of the Roadmap is to resolve existing challenges in the power sector and expand the capacity for the future power needs of the country. And then a fancy ‘ae’ put an end to the annoying word ‘cheese’ ... Mr. Joe stands for global presence and of course – as befits a former CFO – for healthy corporate profits and dividends for shareholders. But his DAX CEO colleagues, whom he tried to persuade to take part in a joint initiative, were unenthusiastic, as he himself put on record in ‘Die Welt’ newspaper. Critics say Siemens’ job cuts will increase unemployment in economically challenged parts of former East Germany, and could bolster support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Beirut Siemens is helping the people of Lebanon rebuild in the wake of the tragic catastrophe of August 4. The company is quickly providing the stricken population with ultrasound systems and a mobile X-ray unit. Siemens AG Press Conference First Quarter, FY 2016 Page 2/6 . Which is where the main source of German prosperity lies.”. Admittedly, the current connotations around the Biblical Joseph are still largely positive, but our Mr. Joe would not be where he is now if he did not keep up with the times. But since their statements to the public prosecutor's office, that Kaeser knew about slush funds during his time at Siemens' mobile telecommunications networks division, are disputed by the company, Mr. Joe is still considered innocent. His mother's brother was murdered in Dachau concentration camp because he refused to join the Hitler Youth. With the sound of this name, you can literally smell the scent of the big wide world, feel the vibrations of the Harley on Route 66 and have Jimi Hendrix' ‘Hey Joe’ in your ear. After all, Kaeser is not speaking as a private individual, which he would be at liberty to do, but explicitly with reference to the Siemens company, i.e. It is therefore both demagogic and inaccurate to claim that German “prosperity” could suffer relevant damage from the internal political statements of an opposition party – quite apart from the fact that “prosperity” is in any case a propagandistic fiction if one considers, for example, the median family wealth. Na ja, genaugenommen schon, nämlich … Under as-Sisi's leadership and later presidency, the media have been brought into line and other fundamental rights have been suspended.” But money does not stink, as you know, and even in military dictatorships like Egypt’s it is only indirectly soaked in blood, and Mr Joe of course knows a lot about money. Perhaps the bravest CEO at the moment is Siemens’ Joe Kaeser, who regularly denounces the German far-right AfD while most of his fellow industry leaders remain silent. as an employer. And what about the ban on party-political activity for employers, which according to the Federal Labour Court also includes advocacy for or against any political leaning? 51 968-07 1201-2 (edition3) for Type SIRIUS 3RP1540 Relay (off delayed) Applicant: Siemens AG - Amberg Purpose of testing: To show compliance with DIN EN 60068-2-6, Vibration (sinusoidal) DIN EN 60068-2-27, Shock DIN EN 60068-2-64, Vibration, random Earthquake IEC78O, … It was clear to anyone who was able and willing to think that the term “good-for-nothing” chosen by Weidel referred to “welfare-supported knifemen” and not to “burkas” (which would be completely meaningless) or “headscarf girls”, who are themselves victims of an archaic anti-women ideology. Donors will be given exclusive access to the comment section. Submit your story on our web site for free, for … We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It should really be clear to everyone that Mr Joe wants to avoid ruin knocking with a hard bone on the door of his humble home... After all, Mr. Joe is doing a lot to ensure that the company, which has close ties to the German government, does not run out of major contracts. Sitzt dieser im Bundestag? Siemens Chief Executive Joe Kaeser on Friday confirmed he had received a death threat from apparent far-right extremists. Frank W. Haubold, born 1955 in East Germany, has a PhD in computer science and is an author. Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product here. REPORT No. Kaeser spricht sich mehrfach gegen die AfD aus. Apart from the fact that mastery of the German language doesn’t seem to be one of the strengths of this Anglophile gentleman (who is this “someone” who had “remained silent too often”?

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